Lone Wolf Mentality: A Millennial Mindset

Lone Wolf Mentality

This book will teach you about your finances, how to build passive income streams, how to be your best professional self, and how to be successful in everything you strive for!

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“Benjamin Phillips III is the real deal. What he describes as his experience in the Dean’s office is spot on. He will be a success and his insights should be of interest to this generation of college students.”

–  Marc A. Rubin ’75 Dean and Mitchell P. Rales Chair in Business Leadership Professor of Accountancy, Farmer School of Business President American Accounting Association Miami University

“This book is a true testament to the importance of vision, forward-thinking, and the value of learning. There are many stereotypes regarding the mentality of millennials in today’s climate…This book was created to change the narrative on those stereotypes. Rise up and Take Charge is the new mindset.”

–┬áDr. J.C. Baker – The Business Hospital